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About us


Amici di Maglia born from the owner's passion for the universe of knitting, in particular from the passion for luxury yarns and magazines.
Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to buy and use exclusive yarns and pattern books, receiving them directly and comfortably at your home, facilitating the selection and purchase process to leave the maximum time to imagination and creativity.

Specifically, Amici di Maglia deals with the online sale of products from companies that are particularly distinguished by the quality of their yarns and patterns .

On Amici di Maglia you can also find the "Sale" section, where it is possible to find many offers, from complete kits to single yarns, wooden needles and pattern books. Amici Di Maglia staff hopes that staying on their site can turn into an engaging and comprehensive shopping experience and that every different needs can be pleasantly fulfilled.

For any information you can contact our customer service 24/7 at this email address:


We have based our company policies on these three fundamental principles:

PRODUCT: At the base of our choices there is always the search for a product that must necessarily be of the highest quality and represent the state of the art of world production.

EFFICIENCY: in all its aspects, this principle must necessarily guide us through the provision of the best possible service. Receipt of orders, preparation of packaging, speed of shipment, customer service, everything must be done with the greatest possible care and precision, to provide a shopping experience that must aim as much as possible to be global without being aseptic.

TRASPARENCY: The principle of transparency mainly concerns communication that must be based on this, in order to guarantee the principle of honesty. It must also be able to absorb criticism and turn it into strengths to make the company stronger every day. All to be credible and reliable.