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Hiberknitting 3 by Stephen West


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Hyberknitting 3 by Stephen West  contains 8 beautiful knitting patterns, ideal for Fall - Winter fashion.

The book is full of wonderful pictures, made with the usual collaboration of visual designer Stefan Gunnesch. All knitting patterns are unisex, colorful and rich in details and perfect for painting the colder season with fine natural yarns in hand dyed wool.

Hyberknitting 3 by Stephen West includes a digital download code for all knitting patterns.



Stephen West



Publication Date:

November 2022






Softcover Book


14.8 x 2.10 cm

Knitting Patterns:

Aurora Cabin Hat – Aurora Cabin Shawl – Painting Columns Cowl – Painting Columns Hat – Painting Columns Jacket – Painting Columns Scarf – Painting Columns Socks – Painting Columns Sweater


Hiberknitting 3 by Stephen West

Hiberknitting 3 by Stephen West is the latest, exceptional book from USA knit designer, meant for Fall - Winter 2022/2023 knitting fashion.

The book includes 8 stunning beautiful knitting patterns. You'll find gorgeous elegant shawls and scarves, two hats, a sweater and a cardigan, and a pair of colorful socks. In short: everything for a complete outfit from head to toe with super trendy and truly unique knitting.

Hiberknitting 3 opens with an exceptional photo gallery, created by Stephen West and visual artist Stefan Gunnesch. The explosive and surprising collages enhance the beauty of every West knitting in an incredible way, and make Hiberknitting 3 a collector's volume and a perfect gift for those who knit.

Stephen West's knitting patterns are written in a very accurate way. Among the techniques used you will obviously find multi-colored knitting, top down and bottom up knitting, slipped stitches and i-cord. Instructions are given in English.

Particular attention is also paid to the combination of the yarns to be used, which are fingering and DK weight. Among them could not miss the hand-dyed yarn brand LITLG with its Singles Sock, which you can find in our online yarn shop. It is a great yarn in pure superwash merino wool, soft and smooth as silk and available in fancy wool skeins created specifically to create real masterpieces.

The Hiberknitting by Stephen West series is completed with Hiberknitting 1 and Hiberknitting 2 , both available in books and magazines section here on our online knitting shop.


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